Updated 12/12/14 - Survey Says??!!?? (Lawrence Region)

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Fall 2014 MVP Shootout Winners:
Monday Lawrence
Brett Hamel

Monday Lowell
A1 – Levi Remick
A2 – Tommy “Tank” Eichel, Jr.
B – Wayne Paige
C – Scott Saulnier
D – Rob Byron

Tuesday Lawrence
A - Paul Laviolette
B1 - Micky Brady
B2 - Andrew Giard
B3 - Luis "Big daddy" Bermudez
C1 - Ryan Trulli
C2 - Joe Levesque
C3 - Carlos Jacome
D1 - Sean Foley
D2 - Jim Sweet

Tuesday Lowell –
A - Brian Waegelien
B - Matt Jacobs
C1 - Wayne Paige
C2 - Richard Garthe
D1- Adam Sullivan
D2- Dane Bertrand

Fall 2014 Playoff Champions!!

Lowell – Monday

A1  - PAC Polish Punishers
A2 – Maverick Henchmen
B – American Legion Nabnassett Licker Pigs
C – Boathouse Dart Scrubs
D – PSC Titans

Lowell – Tuesday
A – Hynes Chuffed to Bits
B – Crackers Crack Attack
C1 – Crackers Stooges
C2 – TJ Callahans Chaos
D1 – American Legion North Chelmsford Legion of Doom
D2 – Bunting Club 9 Inches Soft

Lawrence – Monday
Claddagh Pub In Da Meat
Ward 6 Sexxxy Bitches

Lawrence – Tuesday

A – British Club Dartaholics
B1 – Rocky Club Chokedogs
B2 – Gateway Bull Train
B3 – Arlington Club #1
C1 – Bavarian Club Socialholics
C2 – Rolf’s Lady & the Tramps
C3 – Rocky Club Horrors
D1 – Ward 6 Saints
D2 – Rocky Club Armed & Hammered



 Sign up your team using the link under Join at the top of this website! Please contact us at mcdlsignups@gmail.com to ask about registering your team! The season starts in January...dates to be published soon!

For the fourth year in a row, our league has dedicated our winter season to raise money for autism awareness. We are proud to donate the amount of $1000.00 to the G-Man Group on behalf of our league executives/directors, players and supporting venues in the Greater Lowell/Lawrence areas. Mill City Dart League is honored to have such a wonderful group of men, women and businesses as part of our league.

Many of our donations are made at the request of our players or bars. We value your input! If there is a cause you would like to see MCDL donate to - please reach out to us at . 


To obtain a list of donations made since the inception of our league, please submit a request to