Updated 4/26/15

Winter 2015 MVP Shoot Out Dates
NOTE: Monday night dart teams will have MVP on a Thursday due to the 2 snow date cancellations.

All nights have signups from 7:00 pm until 7:30pm SHARP
Darts to fly at 8pm

Lawrence, Knights of Columbus Methuen:
Monday - Thursday April 30, 2015
Tuesday - Tuesday April 28, 2015,

Lowell, Bunting Club:
Monday - Thursday April 30, 2015
Tuesday - Tuesday April 28, 2015

Registrations for the Summer 2015 season CLOSE APRIL 30!. With all of the schedule modifications caused by the inclement weather this winter, the Summer Season will be here before you know it. You can register your teams on our website as usual.
Questions – please call or text:
Lowell - 978.799.8881
Lawrence - 978.995.4631
You can also email us at info@millcitydartleague.com

Lawrence Players –
Did you see our Facebook announcement regarding the new format for your Season End Banquet?  Follow this link to see it – and be sure to go to events and click that you will attend! The Lawrence VP and Board have been working hard on this format!  We are all excited to see how you will like it!

Lowell Tuesday A Division players -
We have something new for you!  After lots of talk, a new format is being tested this Summer Season!
--You only need 3 players to play this format!  You can register 3-6 players. 
--Still a single board night – the format is just modified a bit.
   3—Team 501 Games (replaces former 2 601 games)
   3—Team Cricket Games (remains the same)
   6—Singles Games (remains the same)
         Consists of:
         3 Singles 501
         3 Singles Cricket
In Team Games 501 and Team Games Cricket, a player may play twice in each format. The same team may not play twice in the same format.
       Example: Game 1 Player A&B; Game 2, Player B&C; Game 3 Player A&C
--In Singles, the same player may play a 501 and a Cricket but not two of the same format.


For the second year in a row, our league has dedicated our Fall season to giving unwrapped gifts for Toys for Tots. We are proud to donate the amount of $750.00 this charity. Also, we are proud to announce that for the 2nd year, we were able to donate $1000.00 to the Greater Lawrence Cal Ripken Babe Ruth Little League!!  On behalf of our league executives/directors, players and supporting venues in the Greater Lowell/Lawrence areas, Mill City Dart League is honored to have such a wonderful group of men, women and businesses as part of our league.

Many of our donations are made at the request of our players or bars. We value your input! If there is a cause you would like to see MCDL donate to - please reach out to us at . 


To obtain a list of donations made since the inception of our league, please submit a request to