Updated 9/19/14 - Announcing new MCDL President

Please join us in congratulating Derek Dubiel who has been elected as President of MCDL.  Derek has been with MCDL since June 2011.  During his years, first as a board member, then as a Vice President, Derek has worked diligently to help players, venues and grow darts in the area.  His ability to problem solve, think out of the box and his drive to see the continued growth of MCDL in the Greater Lowell and Lawrence area (not to mention his snarky humor) were key in the decision making process.

Additionally, please join us in congratulating Mike Prescott who has been elected as Vice President of MCDL!  Mike has been on our board since April 2012.  He has grown to be a trusted go-to person to help with multiple behind the scene projects.  Recently, he has been become our RedEye Rhino liaison and is excited to be able to support MCDL in not only this, but in many other areas.

We are proud to have a these members on our board –
Derek Dubiel – President
Butch LaPlante – Vice President
Mike Prescott – Vice President
Abby Lanthier – Secretary/Clerk
Deb Manley – Treasurer
Bernice Karagiorgos – Lawrence Regional Director
Bob Frazier – Director
Cheryl Dooley – Director, Communications
Don Ouellette – Director
Erin McGann – Director, Social Media
Laura Hudson – Director
Rich Gingras – Director, ADO Events
Robyn Aziz – Director
Stacy Jackson – Director, Registrations
Stacy Rose Newton – Director

As well, we have 2 statisticians, and 2 administrative assistants


RedEye Rhino will be holding a raffle at the end of our regular Fall 2014 season! Every Sunday we will announce a "target out" on Mill City Dart League’s Facebook only.
NOTE: You do not have to be a member of Facebook to view our business page – follow this link MCDL!

1.  There will be a different out each week;
2.  There will be a different out for each division. (Monday Lawrence will be considered A div.)
3.  Only the first person per match, will be entered for the drawing;
4.  You may only be entered once per week for those who play Mondays and Tuesdays;
5.  You may be entered up to 10 times for the 10 week season.

For reporting, please write the player that hit the out, what the out was, followed by RER, at the bottom of your match report.  For example: Lee Keybottom - 100out - RER.

GRAND PRIZE: 2 nights paid stay and all entries paid for either the White Mountain Shootout OR Port City Open!
2nd:  All entries paid for White Mountain Shootout
3rd:  All entries paid for Port City Open
4th:  Various RedEye Rhino merchandise

All Roster changes must be done using http://www.millcitydartleague.com/online-forms/hardship-roster-change.htm
Any changes to your roster must be done in writing in the following way
- Prior to throwing the 1st dart in week three (3) – notification to the League Executives via electronic form on line or via fax. You will receive notification that your roster change has been approved.  You may not play a player without approval.
- After week three (3) – considered a hardship only if your roster falls below 7 players.  Notification to the League Executives via fax * *using Hardship/Roster change form found in your captain kit
- Unregistered players will result in a forfeit of each game he/she plays. The Captain will also have to forfeit all games played in this match (as written in Rules & Guidelines K.2)

How to Send in Score and Match Report to avoid Penalty Points
***We should not have to remind you to submit your winning score or match report.  You can text your score.  You can fax, email, or use the MCDL phone app to send in your match report – down load the app today!!!***
In order to post standings and match results as quickly as we do we need your support!!

Standings this is reporting the win/loss via text by winning team
Please include division, team name and win/team name loss
Example:  A Div, Pub name Team A 10/ Pub name Team B 7
-Match results must be texted/phoned in right after your match no later than 2am (by winning team) or your team will be assessed a 1 point penalty- MONDAY 978-799-8881; TUESDAY 978-995-4631

Statistics - this is reporting the match results via fax/email/phone app
Please be sure you match report states BOTH TEAM NAMES
Do not use the letter "T" for tons;  Do not fax the yellow copy - it does not fax cleanly
Monday Teams
Match reports must be in by noon on Wednesday (by home team) or your team will be assessed a 1 point penalty. Fax: 978-656-6167; email stats@millcitydartleague.com
Tuesday Teams
Match reports must be in by noon on Thursday (by home team) or your team will be assessed a 1 point penalty. Fax: 978-656-6167; email stats@millcitydartleague.com

For the fourth year in a row, our league has dedicated our winter season to raise money for autism awareness. We are proud to donate the amount of $1000.00 to the G-Man Group on behalf of our league executives/directors, players and supporting venues in the Greater Lowell/Lawrence areas. Mill City Dart League is honored to have such a wonderful group of men, women and businesses as part of our league.

Many of our donations are made at the request of our players or bars. We value your input! If there is a cause you would like to see MCDL donate to - please reach out to us at . 


To obtain a list of donations made since the inception of our league, please submit a request to