In 2009, Mill City Dart League was founded as a not-for-profit dart league that not only awarded its players with cash prizes but also supported its dart players and surrounding communities.  Known for bringing a 17 game format to the dart community on Monday nights.  In November of 2012, MVDA (Merrimack Valley Dart Association) approached our management team asking us to assume control over the Tuesday night dart league, an 11 game format,  in the Greater Lawrence Area.  We were happy to step in to continue providing that area with darts, as they were accustomed to.  Since then we have also branched out to the Lowell Tuesday darts.  You can find teams in Greater Lowell area- from Lowell, MA to Dracut, MA to Nashua, NH and Greater Lawrence area –From Lawrence, MA to North Andover, MA to Salem, NH and all areas in between!  We have been the innovators in different tournaments and awards for the players of the league. Importantly, Mill City Dart League strives to support our players and our communities, and has done so by donating thousands of dollars over the past years.

Our League Executives and Board of Directors Include:
Derek Dubiel – President
Mike Prescott – Vice President, Marketing/Communications
Abby Lanthier – Secretary/Clerk
Deb Manley – Treasurer
LH - Statistician – Lowell
Laura Hudson – Statistician, Lawrence; Standings, Lowell/Lawrence
Stacy Jackson – Director, Registrations
MN – Director, Awards
MD – Director, Schedules

Lawrence Region:
Ryan Terrazzano - Vice President
Stacy Rose Newton – Regional Director
Cheryl Dooley – Director
Dale  Baril – Director
Daniel Sierra – Director
Faith Wisnewski – Director
Lesley Cotter – Joseph – Director
William DeRosa – Director

Lowell Region
Butch LaPlante – Vice President
Erin McGann - Regional Director
Don Ouellette – Director
Mike Colon – Director
Rich Gingras – Director, ADO Events
Robyn Aziz – Director
Steve Amaral – Director

To reach any of the above individuals – please send an email to

What our players can expect from Mill City Dart League
Dog Tags for the following:
- Division Champion (Regular Season)
- Tons, ROs – Top Three – Division
- High In/High Out – Division
- LDG  - A DIV (10), B DIV (11), C DIV (12), D DIV (13), E DIV (15)
- RO9, 180, RO6 Cork
- 301/Singles, Single Cricket* – Must play minimum 8 weeks (8-0, 9-0, 10-0, 8-1, 9-1) *Summer format only
- Team Events – 10-0
- Playoff Champions receive a T-Shirt, Bar Plaque and Dog Tag
- MVP Champion  - Cash Award
- Season End Banquet LOD Winners – Cash Award
Top 4 teams per division
- Semi Final Playoffs – play at higher seeded bar
- Finals Week 1 – higher seeded team chooses home or away, default is away
- Finals Week 2 – play at opposite bar
MVP Shootout
Chance to win up to $100.00
- Top 10 shooters in each division (including ties)
- Free to all players!
- Every player has a chance – if the top 10 don’t attend, we default to the next person in line – whether the 11th place or 50th place, until we reach 10 players for the bracket
Season End LOD
Cash prize up to - $1000.00 per every 20 teams (prorated as needed)
- Open to all players that played 4 matches within that season (i.e. Fall 2014 Banquet – must have played during the Fall 2014 season)
- $5.00 to enter the LOD
- There is an Upper Division bracket (A and B) and a Lower Division bracket (C and below)
Our Combination Qualifiers are open to all dart players, at any level, on any league!
- We have a bracket for current MCDL players and a bracket for all other players
- Qualifiers are held for: Port City Open, White Mountain Shootout, Witch City Open, Seacoast Open
We are a member of the American Dart Organization (MILL)– and we do hold combination qualifiers for the regional events.  Please visit to take a look at what ADO is, and please feel free to ask us any questions!